Volatility highlights the need for behavioral coaching

The most common topic of conversation I’ve been having with advisors recently is around market volatility. While the recent volatility is certainly normal in the context of long-term market behavior, it feels especially jarring with the memories of negative investment statements all but faded. Clients are feeling uneasy. Investor amnesia

In times of volatility, see people, not just their portfolios

Hey, how are you doing? With the return of stock market volatility, an even better question is how are your clients doing? It’s a simple question and one I’m certain was posed to countless clients in February. Probably more than ever, advisors appreciate and embrace their role as a behavioral coach—a

Technology isn’t a threat—It’s an opportunity

Are we dinosaurs amid all this disruption? I’m just back from Florida and the 2018 Inside ETFs conference, where in between deep conversations about market returns, factors, and bitcoin, there hung this question about advisors’ livelihoods in a world that grows more digital by the day. It’s a concept bigger than

Tax-smart tips to rebalance your clients’ portfolios

If you haven’t rebalanced some of your clients’ portfolios recently, you may be overdue. After all, in the five years ended September 30, 2017, the CRSP US Total Market Index was up a cumulative 94.3% while the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Float Adjusted Index was up only a cumulative 10.8%,

Deliver authenticity—It’s what clients crave

Living near food-obsessed Philadelphia makes it easy to find great places to eat. There are hidden gems and long-standing institutions for every craving imaginable. People’s tastes vary, but I’ve found that, as with a financial advisor, people value authenticity above all else. Diners and investors both appreciate establishments that are up-front

HSAs: The tax code’s next sleeper hit

The tax code is a monument to complexity and tedium. Once in a while, however, a few lines of text buried deep in a subchapter can produce a sleeper hit, an account or a planning strategy that goes on to play an outsize role in our financial lives. The 401(k) plan

Let’s raise the bar for financial planning

I just got back from attending the Financial Planning Association (FPA) Annual Conference in Nashville. I was thrilled to participate on the panel session “Digital technology and the evolution of financial planning.” The FPA Conference has always been a big event for Vanguard. Our shared commitment to the profession of financial

Observations on the advisor industry: From Australia to the U.S.

In January 2017 my wife, our two children (a 10-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son), and I arrived in Malvern, Pennsylvania—a journey of approximately 10,000 miles from our home in Melbourne, Australia. When we left Melbourne, it was 105°F, and when we touched down, it was a frosty 18°F. The

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