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Your goals are the driving force behind the financial guidance our firm offers. Our job is to assist you in making well-informed decisions so that you can feel confident in your retirement strategy. Retirement planning isn’t about aggressive money-making ideas, it’s about establishing and committing to goals and taking the time to try to create a secure financial plan.

Research shows that retirees worry more about running out of money than they do about dying. We offer specialized expertise in retirement for just this reason. Where will your retirement money come from? If you’re like most people, qualified retirement plans, Social Security, personal savings, and investments all play a role. We’ll help you design a comprehensive plan to help grow, preserve, and protect your hard-earned assets to help ensure you have an income for life.

In retirement, you will no longer be in the workforce with a regular paycheck coming in. Instead, you will need to find ways to generate lasting income and slowly withdraw money from your retirement savings in a manner which is both tax-advantaged, and won’t cause your nest egg to empty out too soon.

Social Security Filing Optimization

Because there are hundreds of different ways in which you can file for your Social Security benefits, we will create a personalized report specific to your work history and credits earned that will give you specific instructions in how and when to file, and what the optimized strategy might be for your monthly benefits based on your probable life expectancy.

Timing is just one aspect that affects your monthly benefit amount. You can file early at 62 for a lower benefit, or wait until your full retirement age (approximately 66) for your full earned benefit amount, or you can wait and add an extra 8% to the benefit every year up until age 70. In terms of how you file, people who are married or were married at least 10 years and are divorced have other options. We help you analyze what is best for your unique situation, and how much additional income you will need to have the lifestyle you envision.

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