What I Believe – Our Mission

Brent Matthew

Scottsdale Wealth Advisory was founded on the idea that what is good for the client is good for the company. Our goal is to stand out in the crowd by providing high-level communication while focusing on client education in an effort to make you a well-informed investor. Together, we can co-create a financial roadmap designed to achieve your personal goals. My team and I are here to take you through our Portfolio Analysis Review (PAR) process which is the foundation to developing a financial plan that is centered on you and your aspirations.

I take pride in the fact my clients view me as their “own personal family CFO.” After nearly two decades of commitment to financial services, in an ever-changing global marketplace in which financial needs and the suitable options to meet investor objectives are rapidly evolving, I believe that there is only one constant in this business, and that is if I put my clients’ interest ahead of my own, and do the right thing by them, success will continue to follow. Because at the end of each day, after all is said and done, my success as a financial advisor will be measured by the success of my clients.